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Affirmations, Anyone?

I recently had to write a short piece for Publishers Weekly on a new book called Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting by first-time author Marla Martenson. Martenson is a Los Angeles-based matchmaker, and the book is about how the power of positive thinking can attract the right mate.

The book isn’t about religion – the usual subject I write about for the magazine – but falls more into the category of spirituality and self-help. But there was one segment of it that sort of jumped out at me. The routine Martenson prescribes for attracting a mate includes a practice of daily affirmations. While these are not prayers, they reminded me of my friend Daniela, who, as I described in an earlier post, planned to use a set of prayer beads I made her for Christmas for her own set of daily affirmations. It struck me that others who may find prayer a challenge for one reason or another might find Martenson’s affirmations a good alternative to use with prayer beads.

Here is a sample of some of the more spiritual affirmations Martenson suggests:

*Love pours into my life from every corner of the universe. I know that I am loved.

*I see the good in others and give other people a chance. Therefore, everyone sees the good in me.

*I am always open to new ideas. I have an open mind and an open heart.

*My life is drama-free. i am centered and at peace.

*Love is all around me. I choose to see the love.

*I am beautiful and inspirational. I am a work of art.

I am not in the habit of saying affirmations, with or without prayer beads. I prefer to say prayers, reaching out specifically to God. But as I say in Bead One, Pray Too, it is not for me (or anyone else) to define or limit the religion, spirituality or faith of others. So if the idea of traditional prayer does not appeal to you, you might try some affirmations – either these or others of your own. And if you are looking for a mate, take a look at Martenson’s book. I thought it was a fun, upbeat read – and I am sooooooo married.


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