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This must be my lucky weekend! Not only did Bead One, Pray Too appear in an article in The Toledo Blade (see last post!) but it was also in an article in The Grand Rapids Press – on the same day! Thank you Juanita Westaby for a great article, and thanks to my friend and colleague Charles Honey for assigning her the story.

In the Grand Rapids story, I love the description of the way Meg Jenista uses her Catholic rosary – to make 10 prayer requests for the world, the world, the nation, the church, family and friends. Wow! Meg, if you are reading this blog, please contact me and let’s talk a bit more. Very cool.

Oh – and a clarification or two – I do sometimes use a Catholic rosary, both with and without the traditional Catholic prayers; and I didn’t say the rosary began with the Orthodox. I am not sure what she meant.


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