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Came across this story in the New York Times the other day about a major show at the Museum of the City of New York on the history of the city’s Catholic community. Is anyone who reads this blog in New York City and planning to see this show? If you do, please report here on ant rosaries or chaplets the show contains.

I was raised mostly in New York City, and if any of you have read the introduction to Bead One, Pray Too, you know that I once lived across the street from a Catholic church in Jackson Heights. It was called Blessed Sacrament and it was there that I saw my first rosaries, clicking away in the hands of the neighborhood’s Polish women. That neighborhood is now largely Latino, with most of the residents from Central America, who, I suppose, now pepper the pews on weekdays, their beads clicking away. It also has a huge Indian population. I would love to revisit the old neighborhood. Its been 15 years since my last visit.

I love this museum, too. My first trip there was as an elementary school student on a class trip, but I sure don’t remember anything specific. I just liked it. Like rummaging around in the city’s attic. I have been back several times since and it always surprises me. It has great old pictures of NYC, old firetrucks and old policemen’s uniforms – things like that. I always liked it way more than the Museum of Natural History – the other annual pilgrimage site for New York City schoolkids – because that just seemed to me to be a buncha dead, stuffed animals. Still does.

Okay, my husband and I are off to the Sea Ranch for the next five days to celebrate our tenth anniversary. So there will be a break in the blog. I’ll write entries while I am there, but I won’t have internet access, so will have to post them when we return.


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