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While I was away in Los Angeles, I received an email from Heather Powers, the highly creative brain behind the Art Bead Scene blog and creator of some gorgeous, lust-worthy beads. She let me know that she had posted a review of Bead One, Pray Too on her site and I am so pleased! It is a most wonderful review and I am humbled by the lovely and kind thngs she wrote. That is the first happiness.

The second happiness is that she had been moved to create a few sets of prayer beads with some fabulous beads she made herself. I had been buzzing around her site one day when I saw these little beads she made in the shape of birds and I got so excited! They would, I wrote her, make great invitatory beads for an Anglican rosary (or a great bead for a Pearls of Life, or a pagan rosary, or some Baha’i prayer beads, or a shaheed for an Islamic tasbih or subha). She took my suggestion and you must see these! The birds are such a suitable symbol for prayer beads. If you are Christian, they can represent the Holy Spirit, and for people of other faiths they can represent peace, freedom or transformation. I LOVE THEM.

And just as good is her description of the beads she chose for this set, which is gift for a friend, and why:

“This one starts off with a branch bead to remind my friend to leave the chaos/wilderness of the world and to enter into a time of prayer,” she writes. “The bird is used to remind her that if God cares for the birds of the field, he will provide for his children. I used stones as a symbol of our Creator’s unending faithfulness to us and the glass as a reminder that life is fragile and precious. The wood beads are more personal as a reminder of the cross.”

Spend some time on Heather’s great blogs, looking at the great beads she creates. There is a lot of inspiration there for prayer beads of all kinds!

And one more happiness: Heather posted her review of my book on amazon.com and when I went to look at it, someone else – a total stranger – had posted another 5-star review. If any of you know Jacqueline C. Young, give her a smootchie for me!


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