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Steve Riley, publicist extraordinaire at Morehouse, sent me a link this morning to a blog called 45 Pines with an entry called “Praying with Stones.”

It seems that the writer, named Tanya, found a copy of Bead One, Pray Too at her local library (YEA! LIBRARIES!) and came home and was inspired to make an Anglican rosary the next day. Check out the beautiful picture of what she came up with, and be sure to look at the prayers she chose! I think Tanya is off to a great start in her relationship with prayer beads.

Steve also sent me a link to a column called “By Hand” from the Bangor [Maine] News in which the writer mentions the book and describes the content. I am having trouble using the link he sent me – think I am having computer issues, so if you wanna see it, Google “Kimberly Winston” and “Bangor News”. That should do it. I would love to hear from some of you prayer beaders in Bangor.

I am on vacation in Seattle with my husband. Actually, I am on vacation, he is here working, at a conference. HAHAHAHA. So I have been bopping around the city on my own and I will begin posting a few entries about local bead stores, places of worship and good local places to sit and pray with beads. Stay tuned . . . .


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