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Some Baha’i Prayers

Last month, at the Religion Newswriters Association convention in Washington, D.C., I visited the booth of the U.S. Baha’i Office of Communication. They had a small book of Baha’i prayers titled Illumine My Heart: Baha’i Prayers for Every Occasion. I explained how I have a blog about prayer beads and that I had written about Baha’i prayer beads and included some prayers and asked if I might have a copy of this book to share some more prayers with my readers. The folks in the booth could not have been nicer and said, “Of course!”

The book is divided into chapters with prayers for different stages of life and different needs: spiritual growth, healing, children, marriage, peace and unity. And while the book has no specific prayer for Baha’i prayer beads, I have pulled out some that I think would work on all sorts of prayer beads – Catholic, Anglican, Pearls of Life, malas and subhas for sure.

Here are some that I have been using this last week. If the antiquated language bothers you, trade out the “thees” and “thous” for something more modern. Mix ’em and match ’em on whatever set of beads you use.

For Our Father (Catholic) , Cruciform (Anglican) or other single beads:

Oh God, guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and brilliant star.

He is God! O God my God! Bestow upon me a pure heart, like unto a pearl.

O God, give me a new life at every moment, in order that I may remain steadfast in Thy love.

Make firm our steps, O Lord, in Thy path and strengthen Thou our hearts in Thine obedience.

And try this one on a set of decades (10 beads, Catholic rosary), or combine a few for a set of weeks (7 beads; Anglican rosary):

1) O God! Refresh and gladden my spirit

2) Purify my heart

3) Illumine my powers.

4) I lay all my affairs in Thy hand.

5) Thou art my Guide and my Refuge.

6) I will no longer be sorrowful and grieved; I will be a happy and joyful being.

7) O God! I will no longer be full of anxiety, nor will I let trouble harass me.

8) I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life.

9) O God! Thou art more friend to me than I am to myself.

10) I dedicate myself to Thee, O Lord.

All of these prayers are attributed to ‘Abdu’l-Baha. He was the son of the founder of the Baha’i faith, a man named Baha’u’llah.


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