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My friend and fellow prayer beader Eleanor Wiley (Eleanor, I SWEAR a blog post on your work is coming soon) recently gave me a copy of a magazine called Sacred Journey. It is a publication of something called The Fellowship of Prayer that is located in Princeton, N.J. Though Eleanor gave me this magazine several months ago, it was only today that I opened it up and discovered just how inspiring and creative this magazine is.

The focus of the magazine is on what unifies, rather than distinguishes, all the world’s religions. What greater unifer than prayer is there? So the issue Eleanor gave me has

The volume Eleanor gave me – Aug/Sept 2007 – had a section on prayers, contributed by readers, that included some that would work on prayer beads. Here is one titled “Dear Spirit of the Morning” by Susi Richardson that could be said with a Catholic rosary (use all 10 counts) or an Anglican rosary (pick 7 you like best):

1) Bless you!

2) As the sun gently rises to its home in the sky, I pray:

3) May my heart be open to the wonder of the day.

4) May I be mindful as I move through the hours.

5) May I bow to the Divine in each being I meet.

6) May gratitude uplift me, patience guide me.

7) My I feel the embrace of the Light that is Love

8) And radiate from the inside out upon the world.

9) Humbly I ask this.

10) Humbly I pray.

Oooh, and how about this, from the current Sept/Oct issue and which appears on the prayers/meditations/poetry page of the website:

An Artist’s Creed

by Janice Elsheimer, in The Creative Call

I believe my talents are gift from God,and I am to use them to fulfill his purposes in my life and in his world.  I humbly acknowledge and accept my gifts as I ask to receive God’s vision for how I am to use them. I ask the Holy Spirit to free me from self-doubt and self-absorption. I pray this work will being me into closer alignment with God’s plan for me as I seek to bring my gifts and talents into his light and to become the whole and complete person he intends me to be. Amen.

Isn’t that great? It would go well on an invitatory bead on an Anglican rosary. And can you see how it can be adapted to a non-Christian faith (try substituting “Goddess” or “Creator” for the nouns and pronouns that do not fit your vision of the divine).

Poke around the Sacred Journey’s site. One of the articles I particularly liked in the issue Eleanor gave me was an interview with three spiritual leaders – a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim professor and a Roman Catholic priest on what prayer means in each of their traditions. And why don’t some of you more creative types out there send in some of your prayers or poetry? They have writers guidelines online.


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