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This morning I awoke to find a message in my inbox from blog reader Laura, the brains (and fingers) behind Heart of Compassion Malas, handmade malas she sells via Etsy.com. Laura told me that she has the honor of having a show of her work in a local book store, The Book Works in Del Mar, Calif. You can read what Laura wrote about her show on her blog.

In her message to me, she wrote something I wholeheartedly agree with:

“I have to tell you, every person I’ve talked to who makes prayer beads, of whatever background, has more in common than not. We share a faith, a creativity, a hopefulness. I hope that merging craft and faith continues to get stronger for people, the world could sure use it. “
This is a picture of Mare on vacation. Lucky girl!
So if you are anywhere near Del Mar, please stop in and ask so see Laura’s show. And while you’re at it, have a cup of coffee or buy a book in this great community place she describes. They are too fast disappearing from our franchise-obsessed society.
This is a picture of Laura’s show!

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