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john-calvinBuzzin’ around on the website of Calvin College (that’s namesake John Calvin at left) for a phone number of someone I need to interview, I found their prayer pages, complete with student questions (very sweet and heartbreaking, a few of them), and a compilation of  what the Bible says about prayer. Particularly helpful to the prayer bead user  – at least the Christian kind – is Centering Thoughts from Scriptural Prayers – The Psalms, which features more than a dozen one or two line Psalm passages suitable for prayer beads. My favorite –

“Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my sighing. Listen to my cry for help, for to you, O Lord, I pray.”
Psalm 5

Also check out Classic Prayers, a compilation of famous prayersof great Christian thinkers from St. Francis to Gerard Manly Hopkins. Again, my favorite for prayer bead use, a portion of Clement XI‘s “Universal Prayer”:

Lord, I believe in you: increase my faith.
I trust in you: strengthen my trust.
I love you: let me love you more and more.
I am sorry for my sins: deepen my sorrow.
I worship you as my first beginning.
I long for you as my last end.
I praise you as my constant helper,

How great is that for a week of the Anglican rosary? You can add three more lines of your choice for a decade of the Catholic rosary.

Have fun exploring this great site. Know of any other ones – especially ones of other faith traditions – that might be of use to prayer beaders?

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