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614: The HBI eZine just published its February issue and one of the articles is titled “Praying for a Spouse.” It is about a just-published book, The Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book, by Aliza Lavie, which features more than 100 years of Jewish prayers written by and for women. (Full disclosure – I have written for 614 in the past).

The article reprints three prayers for Jewish women seeking a spouse. Here is my favorite:

Based on the teachings of Rabbi Nahman of Breslov

Loving God:
So numerous are
Those deprived of true love;
So many
Cannot find their match.
Have mercy upon them.
Source of love—
Every solitary, lonely soul
To experience the completion
That comes
with finding one’s match.

All I can say is WOW. Yes, this one is by a man, but he was man who knew the longing of a soul – male or female – in search of love. I plan to make this prayer part of my routine with my prayer beads. I can see it used on both the Anglican and Catholic form, on the cruciform and Our Father beads, respectively. It would also be a great prayer for the “love” bead on the Pearls of Life form of prayer beads. I do not think Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (an alternate spelling of his name), a great mystic who knew God’s love first hand, will mind.

Check out the article’s other prayers and if anyone gets a copy of this book, send in your favorite prayers, especially those that can be used on any kind of prayer beads.


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