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Still in Italy

Hi, everyone. Still in Italy. I know. It’s tough. I wanted to let you know there is a new post about our trip at my other, more personal blog, http://www.kimberlyscraftini.wordpress.com.

We are in Rome at the moment and it is nothing if not overwhelming. I have made it to St. Peter’s Basilica. Wow. Saw several people there walking around and praying their rosaries at the same time. Went to the Vatican Museums. Wow. It did make me stop and think, maybe they could sell a gold reliquary or two and feed some poor or save a few closing American parishes? Now don’t all write in mad at me, I am just sayin’ it was a bit overwhelming. Of all the places we have been Rome is my least favorite – dirty and chaotic, but the sites are awesome. Went to the Borghese Gallery, too. Holy mamma!

I’ll be back at my desk on Tuesday next and will tell you about some prayer beads and prayer places I saw. Not the least among them will be the sanctuary holding St. Catherine’s mummified head.


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