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The first 20 minutes of last night’s “The Colbert Report” was all about religion. Stephen had been selected by a dubious (my opinion) celebrity-focused prayer ministry as the “media leader” the faithful should pray for on the day of the taping, Feb. 23 ,because, in a paraphrase of the ministry’s press release, prayers¬† can influence the morality of the¬† decisions media leaders make.

Okay. Sure. If I am gonna pray for someone, it’s gonna be a starving child or a victim of genocide. But, whatever.

Anyway, Stephen put on his magic miracle prayer hat and his big prayer hands and gave it a try. His hilarious performance is a lesson in how not to pray. Take a look – go to the link above and look for Feb 23’s show. I can’t figure out how to link to it without making the video run.

So, what does Stephen teach us? That we should not ask God for material things, like, in Stephen’s case, an Audi with cotton candy air bags so you don’t care how long it takes the ambulance to arrive. The cool thing is Colbert is a devout Catholic who, one would assume, does believe in faith and prayer. Stay tuned to the show to watch his interview with Rev. Jim Martin, a one-time GE mover-and-shaker who is now a Jesuit priest. Their discussion on materialism slyly undercuts the satire of the previous prayer sketch.

Have fun. Then go put on your giant prayer hands and miracle cap and pray with beads.

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