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mlk-photo.jpgHappy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day! Is it okay to say “happy” MLK Day? I mean, he was a martyr, so is that really appropriate? I don’t know. But I do know I want to mark the day not just by sleeping in and goofing off, but by really thinking about and remembering this great man.

So I was very pleased to find a story about how Dr. King turned to prayer at a particularly dark time in his life. The story appears in Standing in the Need of Prayer: A Celebration of Black Prayer and was written by Coretta Scott King. You can read it on Beliefnet.com.

Here’s my favorite part of the story Mrs. King tells:

“It is said that every prayer is heard and every prayer is answered in some way, and I believe this is true for people of all faiths. I still believe that the millions of prayers spoken by African Americans from the Middle Passage on down to today have been heard by a righteous and loving God.”

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