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tallit.jpgSurfing the Washington Post’s excellent blogsite On Faith, I came across this wonderful personal essay called “A Tallit of One’s Own.” In it, Ruth Marcus, an editorial writer for the Post, writes movingly about receiving a tallit, or Jewish prayer shawl, of her own, made especially for her by her mother. As I describe in Bead One, Pray Too, Jews do not have a tradition of prayer beads, but they do have a tradition of touching the knots, called tzitzit, on the fringe of their tallit (or tallitot, in the plural). Her description of how much meaning her mother put into weaving this shawl for her and what it ultimately meant to Marcus to use it in prayer reminded me of why I make prayer beads for other people. I hope her essay will inspire you to put your faith into practice by making any item for another – a prayer shawl, a set of prayer beads, a meal – absolutely anything.

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