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There was a very thought-provoking piece in today’s issue of Religion Dispatches , the excellent online religion magazine compiled by religion professors. The piece, written by Wendy Cadge, a religion sociologist at Brandeis University, raises very interesting – and serious – questions about the role of spirituality within our hospital system – regardless of what really happened between the nurse and patient who inspired Cadge’s piece.

Cadge, who has conducted research about spirituality among nurses, found that prayer is quite common between nurses and patients. No surprise there, for me – long-time readers of this blog remember when I prayed at my mother’s bedside during her hospital stay. Cadge mentions nursing telling her about families praying at bedsides with Bibles and Korans and of families placing medals in bed with the ill. Again, not really a surprise to me, as I have brought prayer beads to people in hospitals. But I was quite taken with the following paragraph:

“Attention to spirituality is not uncommon among nurses. A recent survey of 299 nurses working at a university hospital found that 84% think there is something spiritual about the care they provide (in comparison to 24% who think there is something religious about the care they provide). Only 4% think that promoting spirituality is at odds with the real purpose of medicine.”

This kinda got me. How could promoting spirituality – NOT PROSELYTIZING, NOT TRYING TO FORCE DEATHBED CONVERSIONS – be at odds with the purpose of medicine? Medicine’s goal is to help us heal. Spirituality’s mission is to help us heal. Duh.

Okay, Terry and I are off to Italy Saturday. I think my next blogpost will be from Torino – likely about the church where the Shroud of Turin is held.  SEE YOU IN ITALY.

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anglican-rosary-cluster-11First, let me say how touched I am by the flood of emails I’ve been receiving from readers and other friends and family who read my post about Bella. Many of them have contained the most lovely pet prayers – some which had me in quite a puddle of tears – that I will share here in a blog post within a day or so. I am a little raw today and don’t want to go to the Bella place right now. But I thank you all so much.

In a previous post, I promised to let you know when two sets of  prayer bead prayers I compiled for Beliefnet.com were “live.” They went up today and I hope you will check them out.

The first set is on the subjects of patience, strength and endurance. I compiled them for an Anglican rosary because that is what Beliefnet requested, but they could be adapted for the Catholic rosary by repeating a few prayers of your choice.

The second set is on the subject of light. They are also for the Anglican rosary and are adaptable.

Soon I will have a “how-to” gallery on Beliefnet that will offer directions for making a simple Anglican rosary. I hope we are able to bring a lot more people into this ancient contemplative practice which is bringing me a good measure of comfort at this time.

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